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Advantages and Disadvantages of Millimeter Wave Radar

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(1) Small antenna aperture and narrow beam: high tracking and guidance accuracy; easy to track at low elevation, anti-ground multipath and clutter interference; high lateral resolution for near-space targets; high angular resolution for regional imaging and target monitoring; high anti-jamming performance for narrow beam; high antenna gain; easy to detect small targets, including power lines, poles and projectiles.
(2) Large bandwidth: high information rate, easy to use narrow pulse or broadband FM signal to obtain the detailed structure characteristics of the target; wide spectrum expansion ability, reduce multipath, clutter and enhance anti-jamming ability; adjacent frequency radar or millimeter wave recognizer work, easy to overcome mutual interference; high range resolution, easy to obtain clear target tracking and recognition ability.
(3) High Doppler frequency: good detection and recognition ability of slow target and vibration target; easy to use target Doppler frequency characteristics for target feature recognition; penetration characteristics of dry air pollution, providing good detection ability under dust, smoke and dry snow conditions.
(4) Good anti-stealth performance: At present, the absorbing materials coated on stealth aircraft are all for centimeter wave. According to the research abroad, the stealth target irradiated by millimeter wave radar can form strong electromagnetic scattering in many parts, which greatly reduces its stealth performance. Therefore, millimeter wave radar also has the potential of anti-stealth.
The main limitations of the application of millimeter wave in radar are: the attenuation of high humidity environment such as rain, fog and wet snow, and the influence of high power devices and insertion loss, which reduce the detection distance of millimeter wave radar; the poor penetration ability of tree bushes, which is lower than that of microwave bushes; the high cost of components, high processing accuracy and the slow development of monolithic transceiver integrated circuits.

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