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Application of Vehicle Millimeter Wave Radar

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At present, millimeter wave radar is mainly used in high-end vehicles. With the increasing trust of Volkswagen in the active safety performance of vehicles, ADAS-related products will gradually become popular in low-end vehicles.
In order to realize the functions of ADAS, five millimeter-wave radars of "1 long + 4 short" are generally needed. At present, the new Audi A4 uses five millimeter-wave radar (1 long + 4 short) and Mercedes-Benz S-class uses seven millimeter-wave radar (1 long + 6 short).
Taking the ACC function of Stop & Go as an example, three millimeter wave radars are generally required. A 77 GHz RR in the middle of the car has a detection distance of 150-250 meters and an angle of about 10 degrees. A 24 GHz MRR on both sides of the car has an angle of 30 degrees and a detection distance of 50-70 meters.
AEB is a meaningful ADAS function. It will become the standard of mid-grade and high-grade automobiles in the future, requiring a 77GHz LRR.

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